Spring Weekend in Seoul | Esports, Vintage Shops, and Cafes VLOG

Hello! So today is a semi-unplanned vlog. And Kurt for some reason does not want to be in it today. We’re going to go watch skrill casinos canada be played, so I know nothing about Esports, I never owned anything, I barely had any computer games when I was a kid unless they were educational. Kurt: Boring!

Meanwhile this kid, in elementary school was designing his own 3D video games that’s how he learned to do computer things SO he’s really into it, he watches it all the time, I know the lingo, so I’m going to embarrass him and we’re going to go together. He’s really pretending he doesn’t know me but it should be fun! So let’s go! What?! They’re already playing?!

Is this the first game? I hope so. Hello guys. We’re going to do most nerdy thing ever you could do in Korea.

We’re going to Esports stadium which is just – what’s the point of going to stadium for Esports?! Where you don’t do anything. You only move the mouse! We’re late.

We already missed part of the first game, but never fear! We’re almost there 🙂 Are you ready? To go to an empty place? No disrespect to Starcraft 2 fans but I have to say, this studio is empty I’m sure. I’m ready for this. Should I explain what-where we are?

So we’re at Free C Up Studio in Gangnam, where they’re holding GSL – global Starcraft league. Even though it’s held in Korea. Season 1, group H. There will be 6 games maximum, first game already ended. Which is a boring one. Cause it went so fast?

No its Teran vs Teran. Boring. We’re going to see the jerglings and queens!

Immortals – no immortals. No probes. There’s two Terans and two ? So there’s no ?

Units. Yeah obviously. Good. It’s starting! I’m rooting for TY!

TY! I don’t know what’s happening but this is actually really fun! Poor guy. First game we watched. Well I understood diddly squat. They’re having a little break before the next round.

But it was very fun I wasn’t expecting cause I listen to him watch it on YouTube all the time, but I’ve never heard all the screaming and stuff it was quite fun. And there were Americans there we all had to be on the big screen. I told you it was gonna happen! So anyway we’re getting coffee now, it might be windy so I’m sorry but yeah we’ll be back soon! So. We watched 2 rounds – no, it was 4 games.

Actually none of them are my favorite players but other than that it was fun! Was that your first time going to see it live? No right? Uh I’ve been to other places but this is the first time I’ve been to GSL. Well it was my first time and I thought – TY ADVANCED – yeah TY advanced wow!

I don’t know I really like things that have – K, you can go – even if I can’t understand the sport I just love it when groups of people are clearly excited about something and so this was just really fun to like – I couldn’t understand a thing even in English, but I really enjoyed people cheering and stuff. Anyway, that is all! She actually took a very close shot of TY he was surrounded by groupies.

Yeah apparently they’re kind of like idols a little bit. Within the esports fandom. There are really few people that has that sort of fandom and (TY) is one of them. In League of Legends for sure.

Anyway we’re near COEX so we might head there, he’s about to pass out so we’re probably going to hit a cafe and let him sleep. Out in the cold! Catch you later! Hi guys I am home and Kurt just sent me the live stream that they post on YouTube of the game and the announcers said that we must have come from the Cyber Forest what does that mean? Anyway that’s it for today, I will see you guys tomorrow, I am watching the Umbrella Academy and I mean I’m super biased because anything Gerard Way touches I will worship, but it is really good. I think its only getting better, I had a friend who finished this season and they said its kind of slow until episode 5 and then its going to be amazing and its already really good its just kind of slow.

Going to dive into that, going to drink my tea, and I’m going to go to sleep and then tomorrow hopefully we can get up to something interesting! Yes. Bye!

Happy Sunday we’re in a bit of a random area today, I feel like that’s the usual. We’re going to a coffee shop that is a bit trendy and a few of my friends went there and I want to go so we’re going to go there hopefully they have scones ready for me because I’m hungry! Alright, lets find this place! Okay so we just went to Understated Coffee which is a new cafe and it was one of those aesthetic cafes that there’s no real place to sit, it wasn’t super cozy to sit in, but it was very interesting and the guy who owns it is so nice!

He was actually chatting with every single person, like I walked in and he was like “oh is this your first time, are you irish?” I never get asked if I’m Irish, I always get asked if I’m northern European. That was great.

And then every single other person who came in he asked them like “oh is this your first time, do you live near here, how did you hear about us?” which is very rare and something I miss very much from American culture. So overall very great experience.

Now I’m in Hapjeong took the bus over here. and I’m going to hit a vintage store that I love that I haven’t been to in a while, it’s been in many of my videos. So we’re here now, going to go in, and see what we find! Today is just the day of really nice chatty people! So the person who was here today working isn’t the owner so she had to text the owner and check the prices of the things I wanted cause I got two shirts, and even though I told her I could speak Korean she tried to speak English and she was so cute and so nice and overly friendly than what I’m used to so, great mood today.

Now I’m going to try to find my boyfriend and he wants pizza as usual. So we’re going to try to find pizza too. That was the end of my weekend pretty much, sorry that I didn’t do too much on Sunday but I hope you guys enjoyed the Esports section. I thought that that was really fun even though I literally understood nothing it was just cool to see kind of that part of Korean culture its actually a really big deal here obviously.

So yeah it was just fun to see that, without my boyfriend I have no access to it, I wouldn’t have known that you could just go see these games for free! Other games I’m sure you do have to pay, like I know that LOL was in an arena but because Starcraft 2 is kind of small we got to go for free! And it was a really cool experience and yeah, overall just a great weekend. Hope you enjoyed and I will catch you guys next time thanks as always for joining me, I think my next video should be somewhere outside of Seoul so look forward to that! And I’ll see you then! Byeeee!