Significance of Position in Poker

The position of the player can play a huge role in how to perform in a poker game. The position of the player decides when the player will get to place the bet. Players who get to bet after the others are said to be in a late position, while those who have to bet before the others are in an early position. Interestingly, this betting order can affect the game seriously and will also play an important role in deciding which hands are strong enough to play and which ones are not.

Below is an assessment of how the position of the player affects the game of poker.

Texas Hold’em Positions – The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity and this is why understanding the position significance in Hold’em is very easy. The player who is in the last position gets the maximum advantage, while the player in the early position is at a disadvantage. Having to move before anyone else forces a player to back up only the very strong hands and having the advantage of seeing the bet of the rest of the table allows a player in the last position to bet on comparatively weaker hands too. In most cases, the game is about who has the least bad cards.
Stud high- low – In this case the position of the player is never constant. The rules of the poker game state that the highest showing board will be the player to act first from the fourth street onwards. This is why while one player with a king will be the first to act in the fourth round, a player who shows an ace or a pair will be the first to bet in the fifth round. Players on the left will definitely have an advantage over the player on the right hand side. Players who are able to play their game more aggressively are often able to force other players to move first right through the game.

Omaha High Low– Here the last position comes with its fair share of disadvantages too. Bluffing is a complete impossibility for a player who is in the last position. The advantage of being able to bluff lies with the middle position player but this does not mean that this position is not without problems either. This game of poker is all about sharing pots and this is why the middle position player can often be at a disadvantage. If the middle position has a nut hand and the early position player makes a higher bet, then it can get very difficult for the middle position play to win the hand.

As you can see the position of the player is very important in poker, however, each variation of the game will change the significance on the position. So while the Texas Hold’em has the simple last position is best rule, this is not the same for Omaha High Low. If you are a pro at one variation of poker, this does not mean that you will excel at the other too, so make sure you learn about the position importance of the game of poker that you are playing.