Redeeming Slots Vouchers

Casinos have been transitioning from the regular coin based slot games to the coinless slot games. We get the easier way to play some online slot games. Instead of inserting a coin each time we play, we just need to place a bill of any denomination in the receptor, and the machine will automatically registers the amount with a corresponding credit. When you want to cash out, the machine can automatically create a voucher with your winning amount printed on the voucher. Then you can redeem it at the cashiers or some redemption machine. All of the new slot game machines nowadays have this feature.

The use of slot vouchers has given both players and casinos an advantage. For the players, this is great, because people will not need to carry a bag of coins, if they have won. They just need to take a single bill that values their winning amount. For the casinos, this feature has allowed them to cut their labor costs because hiring and paying slot attendants.

Players also do not need to worry about the machine running out of coins when they decide to cash out. The first time coinless slot games introduced in the casinos, had a number of complaints from players, because of the inconveniences the suffered when they were switching machines. If the players want to switch machines, the players must cashout the vouchers first into cash, and bring the cash to the cashier in order to exchange it into the money that will be used in the next machine. This problem has now been fixed, so that if players want to change the machine, the machine will produced some kind of voucher that can be used directly to the other slot machine. You can even put the vouchers into your wallet to use later.

Because of the policy that governs slot vouchers and their use in a casino has changed often, it is recommended that you contact the casino if you find that you have forgotten to cash out your ticket. They may allow you to cash them in anyway.

If you forget to cashout the voucher from a casino with “no-mail policy”, don’t be afraid, your money is not lost yet. If you are a regular player, just contact the casino host. If you don’t have one, just ask one. Explain the problem to the casino host. The casino host will not want to lose any of their good players, and will find a solution for you.

In order to not forget to redeem the slot vouchers, you must always redeem it, right after you finished playing.

Slot vouchers are great to have an use when playing a slot game. You can easily be playing without having any coins in your hand.