Isometric Video Games

His face changed a little bit and that is why? because his bird is Stupid hmm. What would make you better at flappy bird bigger eyes Smaller Birds bigger phone not sure you need a bigger phone to be honest seeing a thumb bigger thumb bigger thumb I have no idea what this one could be I’m trying to tap the bird loads of times if you can even call that a Bird guys. I’m really suck on this one. It’s hint time I did this before I held this before but how long do you have to hold it for oh my goodness Haha, okay. I did hold it for that long geez Flappy troll face is not a game I would like to play you can have to get a new phone every single time. Are you kidding me? Can you can you stop? Let’s move on.

Oh Jesus in Monument Valley so Monument Valley is like it’s an isometric Almost in an optical illusion kind of game, and I mean this guy is but his mouth is extraordinarily large What are you doing? Where are you going? Oh? I have no idea how this works. Let’s press the guy with a pointy hat What what is happening of Another one another green cards to every single one. I have to have a green cloud. Oh Wow okay I have no idea what game, this is actually is this the game That’s on mobile, which is about a well a shark and weapons, and he has to like destroy everything I’m not even sure what it’s called, but I remember seeing it. Let’s choose. Let’s go through weapon by weapon I don’t know what this is, but we’re gonna choose it. I’m gonna choose this this this and this there We go look our shark full armored shark. Let’s see what and shall we destroy him What’s doing? You can’t fight a shark like this especially when there has Rockets attached to its side. Are you kidding me? Okay? Level fails okay, these fish are picking on me, and I am NOT Happy about it so apart from weaponizing my shark to the max What else can I do he’s not using his weapons they just like bite my tail and stuff And then he doesn’t use any of his missiles just blow him up.

Just kill him oh The old pinch the old Reverse pinch worked so it turns out They’re not in the ocean at all this guy’s in a tiny goldfish bowl If you could get sharks that small that’d be incredible. What is this guy gonna do those? Okay oh All three fish you decided to eat the coolest one that you own poor choice my friend poor choice Okay, this one looks like it’s a game called papers, please I think it’s where you pretty much work as this border control, and this guy right here He’s looking real shifty is it gonna work no You are not allowed in do not come into our country But I failed the level maybe I need to try in and maybe I play as two shifty looking guy Trying to get in what could I do?