How Youtubers Affect Video Games

You turn to the side, oh wait wait He’s hit man put your head on the scanner do it There we go That’s clever, that’s so clever. I’m going through buddy. I’m good Thank you for allowing me into a beautiful country, I’m going to go and pet a dog or something He’s so proud of himself What game is this Tetris Oh what? I only tapped once and I killed a man. There’s too much responsibility oh Okay, open the mouth that works, and it goes Why am I in Russia? I’m so confused It’s just gonna eat them. All oh geez look. It’s haha look at his stomach. That is not healthy I Have no idea what just happened, but something to do with Tetris oh my good is it slithery oh smithery Oh being fished out of the water you want to collect these little dots don’t you make them as big as possible There we go get the mass of over millions so I can click bait ah another pan okay perfect I completely forgot we were looking for those. We’ve got four already.

That’s not so bad. We’re not even halfway through yet really anybody Really drill it in oh. Oh maybe I’m gonna reel in the fisherman go up, buddy No You lost the greatest prize. You could have got maybe you don’t have to collect all of the Bulls Maybe you need to get the worm to do it no no Collector like the mass hmm. I want to try and eat this man dragon we can do it sieving. It’s right This way yes, yes get him hahahaha You think you have to eat the color balls. No you have to eat human beings That’s how you get good at Zoo the Rio. What game is this? I’ll take that frying pan. That’s halfway there What game is this? What game? Do you have to shower a dirty alligator? It’s so random, so Random you keep filling up the tub go and have a good scrub buddy you’re looking a little bit dirty a little bit grimy Probably should clean your teeth while you’re at it, and we failed. I can’t do anything to the rubber duck Can I I’m gonna try and pinch? swipe do Anything I can no I reckon there’s something you can do here where you can make him have like the worst bath ever What allows you to have the worst bath ever cold water being a crocodile I Don’t know. I don’t trust this duck look at its bdbd. Eye and aggressive beak That’s just that’s not okay in my books Barth is full, but what do I do next?

How can I make this crocodile have the worst bath ever oh? Oh, I swiped up What the baths ate him okay? Yeah, that’s fair enough That would be the worst bath ever if you go into a bath and just ate you know why I restarted it I just want to show you you swipe up like Come on. No ma’am take about So weird right it’s gonna be the last one for this video. We have cats autumn Robots, okay? I think you’ve seen a game like this definitely It’s like a weird app game lets us press and see what happens, which one’s gonna win None of them they both lost okay, so as soon as we tap They literally just destroy each other So there must be another way to either swap some out make them bigger. Let’s have a look pinch oh Okay, he’s got soup. He’s got Good lots of soup. Why would this make him win let’s find out come on. What brew it up brew it up real quick Okay, he’s gonna iron the sock oh It’s like practical robots Make sense you’ve got cats make them build robots that help you in your day-to-day life. The next few look amazing I think I can see a sims 1 and surgeon simulator Mario karts are leezak awesome, so unfortunate guys. That’s all the time I’ve got for today But if you want to see another part in the next few days then please leave a big fat like that be greatly Appreciated also leave a like if you enjoyed this video, too And if this happens to be the first one that you’ve seen by me or if you haven’t done so yet What are you doing?