How To Win At Flappy Bird

He’s been over for some reason. This is not gonna work, buddy. You’re literally making his job easier Can I not just hold him to make him a bit more just aggressive? Can I pop this guy his muscles? No, okay, right? We’re gonna go for a big kick and see what happens just brace oh Oh, no. Oh, that’s the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever seen Now what do I do know what? He’s got a small person attached to his foot for life Awkward, but saved the little guy so our mission is complete oh My goodness is his little nightmares isn’t it I recognized the yellow Like overalls you guys still want me to play Casinoslots Singapore so I guess I should at some point hmm Tiny person again some cups and some meat Hmm why do you look so scared oh?

Okay, that’s why you look so scared. Why is it telling me to press this? Why would you tell me to do that you you help me kill the little person okay, big scary I don’t even know baby man appears, and I’m gonna try and take your lollipop. Can I have it please no? Okay, what could I do to you? I don’t want you to fall backwards. Let’s flick you forwards nope have to take the meat take the meat you don’t oh, I Always knew you as a musician look at his beady little eyes Is that it did I win Yeah That was weird. I don’t even know what I did. I just like Preston hold which if in doubt IVA pinch Reverse pinch or click and hold I like the colours of this one. Let’s see what happens is a toilet a palm tree and a guy on a motorcycle Wait is this what? Are you doing? You can’t just do that? Well you said oh, it’s uh, it’s Vice City, I thought it was just from like the colors and stuff I really thought it was it is didn’t say I guess we need to do something While he comes along is he is he gonna enter hello, okay? You just go up this tree go up the tree go up the tree. Yes Yes, haha Success. Oh, what is he doing?

The longest tree in the world, this is the weirdest game ever so I can play it I actually did and now I have to watch another add to unlock the next level Hold on a second. How many levels are there in total? There’s 32 so we’ve got one two three four five six seven more levels to do. We’ve better hurry up hey It’s flappy birds. Flappy bird is already a classic. I don’t even know how long ago That was that was a thing, but it’s gonna be burnt into my mind forever Let’s see that’s actually that’s a giant phone or again a very very small person how okay? What are you doing? What are you doing? Yeah, right? How can we make this guy win be the ultimate flappy bird champion okay?